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Standard products include CATV power equipment, enclosures, vaults, accessories and commercial products.

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Semi-custom products are modified versions of the standard CATV line.  

Minimum order size is 30 units for most supplies and 4 units for racks.

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Custom products are best for system upgrades where both new and "legacy" equipment must be supported.  Custom products meet design requirements outside the range of standard and semi-custom products.

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Power Technology offers a choice of enclosures for all standard products. Standard colors are light gray and optional hedgerow green (pedestals). 

Custom enclosures and vaults with reinforced steel or aluminum covers are also available on request.  Minimum order is 10 units for custom units.

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Standard accessories are shown here on our web site.  Special hardware, add-on cabinets, insulated battery shelves, and other items are available.

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Replacement parts, components, assemblies and enclosures are available for Power Technology, Cable Power and World Power Systems.

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Repair is provided for all Power Technology, Cable Power, and World Power Systems products.  CATV power units are refurbished for only $300 and logic boards for only $109 plus freight.  

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