The Early Days

       Power Technology was initially founded in early 1981 as Cable Power Incorporated.  Until mid 1987, Cable Power was a solely owned subsidiary of the Triple Crown Corporation, a manufacturer of CATV and communications equipment.  Then in 1987 ownership of the plant and equipment was transferred in a divesture to the present CEO, Werner Krajicek.  The name was changed from Cable Power Inc. to Power Technologies Inc. and in recent years the name has been shortened to Power Technology.

       Those familiar with the traffic gridlock for which Seattle has become famous, will truly appreciate the first executive decision made by the new CEO: "We really have to find a facility where in takes less than two hours to drive 20 miles".

The Company Matures

       To escape the Seattle gridlock,  Power Technology moved to a safe haven at the Arlington airport.  Over the next 10 years, the industrial park grew rapidly and the EAA Arlington Air Show expanded to the third largest in the nation. Other high-technology manufacturers, seeking relief from traffic, moved in over the course of the decade.  Most recently, a new high-rise hotel was added nearby and another power manufacturer, (Alpha Technology) moved into the airport park.  Thus, Arlington has grown from a small industrial and electronics group to a sprawling industrial center.  Power Technology proudly calls it home and remembers the early days when pilots, farmers, loggers, and engineers, all shared coffee at a little airport cafe.